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Claplight MKII 2017

The Claplight MKII is an upgrade of an earlier version of years ago. This MKII gives a mountain more light through the high power LEDs and can automatically turn off and switch off in multiple ways. A gadget that is not in your tent may be missing this summer.
Sales price € 4,10
Price / kg:

In general, the Claplight MKII is similar to the 2009 version with some extra features. The structure has also been completely changed to make assembly a lot easier and more universal. . Also, the used LEDs are replaced with larger specimens.

As we used to with the old version, the MKII can be turned on by tapping or tapping the print. With the MKII the sensitivity of this is easy, this is easy if the entire circuit is built in somewhere. In addition, we can choose from the MKII to turn off the LEDs after a fixed time or turn them off with any infrared remote control.