RF-Interface (PCB only) For Morse Phone

RF Interface PCB for the Morse Phone
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With the RF Interface is The Morse Phone with a transceiver module which makes this a wireless gadget.

This is the PCB without components





In terms of capabilities, the RF interface can do the following:

-wireless communication between two Morse-Phones over a distance of about 100 m (depending on the environment)
-your choice to continue by the RF signal to the line and/or vice versa
-turn off buzzer on the Morse Phone
-adjustable pitch when viewed through the audio output
-headset connector (3.5 mm jack), volume adjustable
-connection for external key (3.5 mm jack)
-LED indicator for transmit/receive
-frequency 433.92 MHz (ASK modulation)
-adjustable show filter for reception (so little affected by other devices that use the same frequency)