The Service Kring JOTA-JOTI brings products and services on the market to support the JOTA-JOTI organization of Scouting Netherlands on a NON-PROFIT basis.With our products, scouts can get  acquainted with technology and JOTA-JOTI ..

The warehouse module and web site are now active. It is therefore possible items requested through this warehouse module, and on the website www.jota (later) how the prints and name straps for the JOTA-JOTI  can be requested. Throughout the year, orders can be done.

Electronic construction kits to be built by Scouts, accompanied

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Construction kits

Wild Bits 2019

Interactive kit to build simple digital circuits with wires ...

Sales price: € 4,50
Price / kg:

E-Badge 2019

E-Badge 2019

Sales price: € 2,00
Price / kg:

Claplight MKII 2017

The Claplight MKII is an upgrade of an earlier version of ...

Sales price: € 4,10
Price / kg:

The Morse Phone 2017

The Morse Phone is a morse sounder whitch you can use to ...

Sales price: € 4,65
Price / kg:

Spoetnik Deluxe

De Spoetnik Deluxe wordt geleverd als een partiele kit. De ...

Sales price: € 19,75
Price / kg:


De Micro-LF-Spoetnik is bedoeld om een signaal op te wekken ...

Sales price: € 12,50
Price / kg:

Battery tester/ Knightrider

Battery tester and Nightrider in 1 Including all parts ...

Sales price: € 3,00
Price / kg:


The Bat Detector can make the inaudible sounds , which a ...

Sales price: € 4,85
Price / kg:

Signaal finder EXCL headset

The signal finder is THE gadget to detect sounds from all ...

Sales price: € 3,25
Price / kg:

Warp Speed 2003

Warp Speed is a kit which switches the LED's in regular ...

Sales price: € 4,00
Price / kg: