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Frequently Asked Questions

I ordered and paid for, when I receive my order?

You order will be shipped as soon as your payment is visible in our account and is then transmitted.

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When you send the orders?

We are all volunteers, in addition to other Scouting Pursuits, work and family life, we handle the orders for the SKJJ. We try at least one time per week to send the orders.

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If I want to order for the JOTA-JOTI, do I have my order in a timely manner?

If you have good time we can obviously take care of this place your order and pay. We ship to one week before the JOTA-JOTI, as we join ourselves to the JOTA-JOTI.

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There is no description in the kit ordered what hoort.Waar where can I find it?

You can under the "construction descriptions" are all building descriptions of the construction of the packets SKJJ.

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Could you indicate to me when the packet is sent this in relation to next week's program

We ship at least 1 time per week provided that the payment is credited to our account.

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I selected self collect on my order, I can convert it to send?

Yes, that's possible. Once you have, we can still send the order also paid the postage.

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I have placed an order but have received nothing, why?

Perhaps you do not order on our website, if you include creating an order in our shop and you get
 we ourselves also a confirmation email. With this confirmation email and we can proceed to send upon receipt of payment.

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Can I, as radio-amateur, order at kitbuilding.org?

Obviously you may do so, everyone is welcome to order in our shop. We are not just for Scouts.

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I want to buy something for someone else, can it?

Of course you can, shipping address and billing address may differ.

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We have a great game conceived with the construction of the packets SKJJ, interest in our game?

We like to hear how you liked the construction kit and love to share ideas with others.

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