Time for adventure

Scouts can go on adventures in many ways.

Over land, on water or in the air.

The designers of the SKJJ have been inspired by this and designed a number of soldering boxes especially for the youth with which they can go on an adventure.

The adventure of course starts by being busy with technique, soldering, an activity that for some will already bring a slight tension.

But it is precisely by soldering our simple kits that scouts from young to old can discover something new. After soldering there is then the newly made kit, which can be discovered again.LichtMill 2022 1a

Our designers came up with the Light Mill, with the land in mind. The Light Mill is more than just a flashing light. Scouts can also playfully learn what led or not. Or play a game with it. For more ideas, visit

our website.

The water, the scouts immediately thought of sailing, a 3D lily chimney is designed, in addition to the adventure to build and solder it,The Wave Cruiser2 scouts can also learn something about the board lights, which are necessary on the water for communication.

Who doesn't dream of flying away in their own Space Cruiser, that is now possible with this nice flashing kit.

Space Cruiser 1b

If you are going to camp with the scouts, choose our Claplight, a very handy light for your tent, at the hammock or in the vlet. Clap your hands and there is instant light... no more searching for the (pocket) lamp first. You can switch off with a timer or using an old remote control. Who wouldn't want that?

If you're going for even more adventure, try communicating through your self-soldered Morse Phone. The Morse Phone can also be paired, so you can signal to each other.

For the fast orderers there are also some Bat Detectors in our shop. With this you can go on an adventure in nature, spot the bats and hear how they sound. Maybe your scouts will be able to recognize different bats in this way.

Would you rather go for even more challenge? Then there is the Wild Bits, a kit with which you can learn to program and binary counting.