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UPDATE: (8-10-2021 Badges are sold out now)

The JOTA-JOTI is approaching, so I would like to provide an update on the status of items and shipments.
We are now working with the utmost urgency to get rid of all the packages. As we promised, we will ship the orders ordered and paid until October 9th in time for the JOTA-JOTI

What is ordered after October 9th will be shipped after the JOTA-JOTI and you will not receive it with jOTA-JOTI.

Building kits:

With regard to the Lasergame MKIII the following: The PCBs have not yet arrived 😕 Certain components are also/remain problematic. It will eventually work, but for the JOTA is now (unfortunately) no longer realistic. This means that the Lasergame MKIII will not be available with JOTA-JOTI. We previously reported that the small kit (Orgel) will not be finished in time either. Hellas has given us more time, but has also created many more obstacles. Such as less available time with our volunteers, and parts that are difficult to obtain.

We will continue to prepare for both kits, and as soon as they are available we will publish it on this website