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During the JOTA-JOTI 2018 the JOTA-JOTI Funcube Challenge played for a small audience.AmsatUK

During the JOTA-JOTI, the space cube sent a coded message and the first challenge was to receive the signal during a passage so that it could be decoded.With receiving equipment, antenna and an SDR dongle, the message could be converted into letters that resulted in a text message in code. See the 2nd challenge here.

Then an enigma was needed to decode the text into a correct text.And setting up the Enigma required the answers of 10 questions that had to be looked up on the internet. Then finally there was the solution.

De uitkomst was dan ook:


 And during the weekend the first entries came in already.

IMG 3558 resize

There was an entry from Scout: Roel Botter, age 26, Scout / Ham operator: Martin Cohn, PE2MGA, age 41, and Scout: Roel Botter, age 26, Ham operator / human rotor: Arjan Doek, PA5AD, age 48

Equipment used: 10 element 2 meter beam, SSB 2m head pre amp, 6 element 2 meter beam, Kenwood TS-790, Heavens-Above android app for satellite tracking, laptop with FUNcube-1 dashboard



After a few attempts, the message was received and not with an automatic antenna rotor, but by Scout Arjen.

James from the Sixth Staines Scouts from the UK sent us a link from a movie about their Engima action.

REBEKA from the 15 RR VALENTES DE DAVI group from Bazilie, age 15, also sent us a photo of their Fun cube challenge team.

 En Roland van HAM radio: PY4ZBZ en de scouting groep Grupo Escoteiro 86° Mafeking MG photo 2018 10 21 16 30 33stuurde een weblink van hun bevindingen:

And Roland from HAM radio: PY4ZBZ and the scouting group Grupo Escoteiro 86 ° Mafeking MG sent a web link of their findings:

There were also less complete solutions that showed that the part with the enigma was well done.

After the JOTA-JOTI weekend, several good entries arrived. With the wish to definitely be able to take part in such a challenge again next year

The winner of the FunCube Challenge: Paulo PV8DX from Sao Vicente Boa Vista-RR Brazil was given a battery tester, a morse phone, a signal finder and a lantern next to the name bands.

100 name bands are divided among the 8 groups that have submitted an entry.


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AAmsatUKIn space, satellites can be found. A recent development in this area are the “CubeSat” satellites. Normal satellites typically have a size ranging from that of a washing machine to a small truck.
CubeSats have the size of a milk-carton! This challenge focuses on the FUNcube-1 (AO-73) Cubesat sattelite. During the JOTA-JOTI a special, coded, message will be transmitted. This message can be received with a simple 2m handheld antenna, e.g. HB9CV, a small yagi or even a vertical, and a SDR-dongle or any SSB radio for 2m. The data is sent by the satellite on its telemetry channel of 145.935 MHz (1200bd BPSK modulated). You will need to set your receiver to Upper Side Band (USB). If you use a FUNcube dongle, you can directly receive the satellite. The message is coded using the Enigma cipher machine. The deciphering key and Enigma correct settings can be obtained by answering the questions below. The message sent by the satellite follows the following format: JOTA JOTI START coded message
STOP Your deciphered message can be mailed to: JJ.Satellite.Challenge (at) ( (at)=@)  The mail should contain your name, age, country and Scout group name and the correct answer!
If you have any pictures of the reception of the satellite with your group, this would also be highly appreciated, we would love to see how you did it!  If your answer is right and mailed before the 1st of November 2018, you will participate in a raffle. The winner will get some products from
Have a lot of fun and good luck! Best 73s, Wouter PA3WEG and Jeroen PE1RGE





The JOTA-JOTI Service Service is now busy with the shipments of the new products for a month. Even in the Netherlands, many orders have already been sent to Europe, and also outside Europe, the world. See the maps below.



This summer was the 15th World Scout Moot held in Iceland from July 25 to August 2, 2017. At this camp Remko Welling along with the Service Kring JOTA-JOTI developed a kit to the MOOT2017 soldering with the participants in the section Radio Scouting and Electronics activity. The kit for this purpose was the Claplight 2017 MKII

GD5 0198 3Our secretary was recently surprised by the VERON with the issuing of a gold pin for his commitment to VERON, and SCOUTING. The VERON magazine published the following article: