This summer was the 15th World Scout Moot held in Iceland from July 25 to August 2, 2017. At this camp Remko Welling along with the Service Kring JOTA-JOTI developed a kit to the MOOT2017 soldering with the participants in the section Radio Scouting and Electronics activity. The kit for this purpose was the Claplight 2017 MKII

MOOT2017 1


Remko announces his findings:

"We have done a great job. Lots of run-up and much interest. We have offered a varied and especially innovative program that was not just about radio. Our activities were soldering (kits or figurines), kitchen experiments (all portfolios, 80 meter spoetnik hunting (kind of ballet ball but then with 80m transmitter and three trash cans), milestones (print with electronica in the correct order Connecting) a game with smartphones that with your NFC or QR code needed to find all the animals from the Jungle Book, and of course the Amataurradio station TF15MOOT. "

At this camp are soldered all taken Kits and a little rest here are still on top of order here in the shop of KITBUILDING.ORG

On the Moot, an improvement was also made for the reset switch. This picture shows the possibility of turning off the lights by pressing the alternate button