Every year, the Service Kring JOTA-JOTI developed a building kit for the scouts to solder themselves and then enjoy themselves with the result.

Morse Phone2017 1

For this year, "The Morse Phone" has been developed, as the name suggests, you can start with this kit with Morse code. The Morse Phone is a Morse-buzzer that can be used independently, but can also be linked with other Morse Phones, communicating, after all, is done in pairs! The Morse Phone is inspired by the Fuller phone. For the technicians, an article on this subject can be found elsewhere on this website. Google also gives a nice explanation of the origin and use of the Fuller phone.

The kit comes with all the components except the 9Volt battery.



When you look at the printed circuit board, you will see a large part on which the components need to be soldered, and then the right edge and underside see the pieces you can carefully loosen and then make the signal key that is mounted on the print. So, all in 1 .

The package contains quite a few components and on top of that, the mechanical part, so you have to stretch some time in your program before construction. The building description in the download section of the website clearly explains the construction process.

If the construction is finished then the playing can begin. On the Morse Phone you can see the encoding of the morse codes with the letters, so you can take a peek on this. Try to send your name. Or listen to the biebs from the other scouts and find out what is being transmitted.

You can also connect multiple Morse Phones with 2 wires and then listen and decipher your turn.

If you want to signal to each other over a long distance, you can pin 1 wire into the ground with an iron pen or a piece of copper pipe and attach the other wire to a wire of a pasture (NO ELECTRIC FENCE)



As you can see, this 2017 package offers the opportunity to rejoice with technology for the scouts, but also in the world of Radio Amateurs, this kit will be appreciated.