This is a guide on how to build a simple enclosure for your bat-detector or for your bat-beacon. The enclosure is based on 50mm PVC-tubing and PVC-caps.You can also download the document


The main materials
For one enclosure one needs a small piece of 50mm (outer-diameter) PVC tubing. Two end-caps and a small piece of metal-strip or angle-stock.

Cut a piece of tube, the length of the PCB.  PVC2
Drill a 16 mm hole in the center of one of the endcaps.  PVC3
Mount the piezo-microphone (or pieze-speaker for the beacon) with a little offset (see right picture).PVC5Glue the end-cap with the 16mm hole to the tube.  PVC6
Slide the PCB in the tube and verify that the LED and the headphone socket “stick out” of the tube.  PVC7

Use a piece of cut-off tube to center the PCB in the other end-cap. Mark the position of the LED and headphone connector. Drill the holes for the LED (5mm) and the headphone connector (6mm).

You may use a countersunk drill to finish the hole from the outside.


Cut a piece of aluminum angle-stock (or bend a piece of aluminum strip). Drill two holes, one for mounting to the PCB, the other hole for mounting to the cap.  PVC11PVC12
The battery can be mounted using a few rubber bands.  PVC15PVC16

Alternatively a switch could be added to the circuit. This allows easy switching on/off of the detector (or beacon).

The battery can also be mounted using tie-wraps.

  The final result.  PVC19