Digi-Dice 2014

This year, the Service Kring JOTA-JOTI again managed to establish a fun and educational construction project what we called Digi-Dice. As in previous years, this kit is intended for use by children soldered together (under supervision) and to become familiar with electronics. Besides this is a nice kit it is also useful because it can be used in Scouting games on various ways

Digidice2014 Kl1


Usage and options:


Once the batteries are installed, the Dig-Dice and performs a self-test.

All segments go on one by one and then burn all segments simultaneously. The Digi-Dice is now ready for use as dice. Press the button to start the dice, a running light appears and a number is displayed. Press the button to throw again.

However, the Digi-Dice has even more possibilities. By holding the button down longer, you can switch to another mode, this is indicated in the display.

There is the d. of dice, as we have seen above, we can note the dice here and there will be a number from 1/6 to appear on the display. One press of the button is throwing again.

   Then there is the r. of random (random) in this position, the Dig-Dice will provide a random number from 0 / to 9.

  Then there is the G. guide (guide), in this mode you can use the Digi-Dice for a direction to determine this, go back completely random There are three possibilities, turn left, turn right and go straight.

Finally we have the F. flash (flash), this is a kind of running light, the display will continuously run in circles.

Except that the Digi-Dice a fun and decorative structure there are also countless fun games to play with. Using a number of printing a fun scavenger hunt in the neighborhood or in the forest and use it as a die in games.

Do you have other ideas please tell us!

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