Lasergame MKII

The laser game MKII is a remake  of last years  Lasergame MKII 2011. The game has the following Features:

- Adjustable team indicator, Team Red, Team Green, Team Red / Green or no indication

- Sensitive to visible light (flashlight)

- Sensitive to infrared (remote control)

- Reset with a magnet, uses a Hall sensor is not a fragile reed-relay!

- Settings only change with simultaneous activation of the select button and magnet

- Fraud proof: the loosening of the coupling, the battery in alarm Lasergame

- Supply with a 9V battery




When selecting the mode, all (16!) Combinations of the following options:

- Team red indicator on or off

- Team Green indicator is on or off

- LDR / torch mode on or off

- IR (Infrared) mode on or off

It is also possible to Lasergame in "standby" position both as LDR IR to deactivate. Any team choice could be indicated. The infrared detector is most sensitive to remotes with a carrier of 36kHz. These include remote controls from Philips (RC5 encryption, encoding RC-6). With decreased sensitivity level Lasergame on 38kHz carrier. The scope of a remote control is definitely 10meter. The use of infrared makes it possible to laser gaming in daylight. In addition, the Infrared indoor play more exciting because the IR, ceilings and walls reflected. It is not necessary to "directly" to shoot, even indirectly (eg vai palfond it) is also possible. Of course, the remote can be used for "targeted shooting". However, a concealed established that continuous remote in operation can also be used to minefield to simulate.

All combinations can be devised. So keep in mind that people can play depending on their role can be touched only by a flashlight, remote control or by both. So there is a degree of immunity as possible (as is the case with Stratego).