We were equally excited about how the extension of the Morse Phone would be, but here it is.

It eventually became a circuit board mounted underneath the Morse Phone.You will have a full mobile signal device


The printed circuit board is composed  like the Morse Phone itself. It is delivered as a building package with a construction description

The print is equipped with an RF module that operates at 433,920 MHz.

The functions that are possible as follows:

- wireless communication between two Morse phones over a distance of approximately 100m (depending on the environment)

- Select from the RF signal to the line and / or vice versa

- Turn off buzzer on the Morse Phone

- Adjustable pitch for playback via audio output

- Headphone jack (3.5mm jack), volume adjustable

- External Key Connector (3.5mm jack)

- LED indication of sending / receiving

- frequency 433.92 MHz (ASK modulation)

- Adjustable tone filter for reception (thus low load of other devices using the same frequency)

Because we are going for a serious NON-Profit again, we need to calculate the cost price (sales price) as soon as possible, but once it is known, the RF Interface will be in the Webshop

The price is € 22,50