Addendum The Morse Phone

Now that a large number of Morse Phones have been sent, we have also received some feedback from our customers and we would like to share them with you

It concerns: thePiezo speakertje,Coil,Tip for construction


the Piezo speakertje,

We (and a customer) had built a Morse Phone that was demonstrably working by means of The LED, but did not make a beep.

In this case, the Piezo speaker did not work. During transport in the package, the legs are sometimes pressed and / or twisted.

As a result, the legs do not make good contact internally or cause shot circuit.

This can easily be solved by loosening and removing the speaker's bottom.

Next, it's a matter of bending the legs in model and closing the bottom and carefully soldering the speaker in the print. Note that when placing it back, the legs are not pushed in again.

(Short circuit on the feet measure ~~ 0 Ohm, Interruption and well-functioning measure both infinite high resistance)





A coil was found that was interrupted. Resistance should be between 20 and 50 Ohm for the good coil and the wrong copy measures infinity. Here too we can carefully look at the pins for a loose leg, but one of the 2 spools may be bridged to solve the problem and make the Morse Phone work well.


Knowing this, you can make sure all the scouts end up with a working copy of thr Morse Phone





Tip for the construction


If you have separated parts of the Morse Phone PCB a strip will remain. There are 2 slots with the distance 8mm.

This can be used to make contacts for the morse key